If you are designing your house, you can’t miss these instagram accounts

Foto de Mark McCammon en Pexels


Every time I go in to look at this account a new need is created for me. Things I didn’t even know existed appear before my eyes and I want them! Truly, I’m sure many of you will discover homes that you could have only dreamed of because they exceed any previous expectations you had.


More than 1 million people follow this account that is a source of inspiration for architects and design lovers.
Imagining yourself inside any of these houses is easy, what will be difficult is to get the image of these houses out of your head…


A good ration of stunning interiors is on the way, because if you already have the perfect structure for your home, @_designhomedecor will help you to put the icing on the cake. Nordic decor, industrial style, whatever your favorite style, in this account you will find visual inspiration so you can imagine how it will be applied in your spaces.

I hope you like my top 3 recommendations and that you manage to have a house as impressive as the ones shown in these instagrams.
If so, don’t hesitate to share them, I’m sure you will be the envy of the networks.




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Beatriz Garcés

Beatriz Garcés

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